Identifying an introvert in a crowd or identifying yourself as an Introvert is not easy. Being an Introvert, one cannot identify or accepts him / her as an introvert.

Here I listed 18 signs to identify yourself as an Introvert or not.

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  1. You hate having tiny talks with folks.
  2. Many people go to parties to meet new people but being an Introvert, you may not feel existed in meeting new peoples at parties, but you would be comfortable with people already you know.
  3. Introverts always feels lonely even when they were in a group or crowd.
  4. Introverts are too intense.
  5. Introverts are easy to be distracted.
  6. Being down in time, you don’t feel unproductive. You will need some time recharge your self and act with full strength.
  7. Being an introvert, it would be easy to give speech to 100s of people but feels stress to interact with every one of them afterwards.
  8. Introverts avoid being surrounded by people, so when an Introvert goes to restaurants or food courts, they always prefer to sit at the end of the bench.
  9. If you keep your body active physically for too long, you feel tired and unresponsive. That is because Introverts always wants to conserve their energy.
  10. Like an old saying “Opposites Attracts”, You fall in love with an Extrovert.
  11. Introverts don’t want to mess with everything rather they want to be perfect on one thing.
  12. When you are not in good mood, you don’t want to answer any phone calls, even with your best buddies but after you regain your normal state of mind, you yourself call to each one.
  13. Introverts always notice what other missed.
  14. Introverts mind will always be busy with something or the other and they only speak after they think.
  15. Your blood pressure would be lower.
  16. Your friends may tell you “Come out of your shell”
  17. You could be a writer.
  18. Huge parties, night parties may not be the eggs from your basket.

If you find yourself as an Introvert, Let me know in the comments section below. If you are not an Introvert, You could be an Extrovert?

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