So, what exactly narcissism is?

Researches said there are around 6% of people that have narcissist personality disorder and out of that 50-75 % are men.

a PhD professor Cory Newman says “A narcissist, by definition, is someone with a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy, whose symptoms begin in early adulthood,”

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In simple, it’s the mental condition of a person with more selfishness.

Signs of a narcissist

1. Center of attention

People with this disorder wants to be recognized as being superior without having the necessary achievements. These people overestimate their abilities while simultaneously de-valuating the contributions of other people. This person will never blame themselves for their failures but always blames other people or society.

2. I’M Unique!

Its always good if we think we are a unique kind of person but people with narcissist personality disorder will take this too extreme. They feel there the special person and will never feel comfortable with other persons. They wanted to have the best in everything.

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3. Excessive Admiration

People with narcissist personality disorder often act overconfident and boastful, their self-esteem can actually be pretty fragile. They seem lovely and wonderful and shower you with attention.

4. Sense of Entitlement

These people piss everyone off. They don’t believe that rules apply to them. They will make other people bend over backwards to accommodate them. These people will never try to appreciate anyone.

5. They take advantage of others

If you have a narcissistic boss, then they may make you work more without giving you the compensation or respect you deserve. We can also see this kind of people in our friends too. People with Narcissist personality disorder will always take advantages of other people for their own benefit.

Every person will have small bits of narcissism but it is very dangerous if we crossed the limit and it is a serious personality disorder. Check yourself and try to get out of it. Also, share this article with your friends so that they can ascertain themselves.

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