The travel industry is growing enormously with no sign of falling. Competition is huge, and new travel agencies pop up every hour in the world. Everyone is fighting for their piece of cake, and everyone want to sell more than the other. Unfortunately, most of the agencies fail, or cannot make up expected revenues with minor mistakes. Online marketing is essential for every business. Having the right strategy can help us to improve the business. Here are seven online marketing strategies which can help to see the difference:

1. Professional Website

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Most of the travel agents do not focus on their websites. Some agents do not even want a website. However, a good, attractive, user-friendly website with packages, high-quality professional photographs, and proper functionalities will defiantly make a deal.
Your website should describe every service provided by you and best deals and offers. Not just the website, but also need to focus on Search Engine Optimization. Kanagala Technologies offers you the best web designing services at very affordable and reasonable prices.

2. Social Media Engagement

Social Media is the most popular sales technique for Travel Agencies. Create pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, etc., and upload good content regularly. Most of the people attract with the travel photos of others and will plan their trips accordingly. So, try to influence your audience with your content on social pages.

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3. Packages

When we offer flight booking, hotel booking, cab, etc., individually, customers do not get attracted. Instead, create packages and offer discounts. If you offer excellent customer service and reasonable prices, customers tend to come back to you for their next trip.

4. Videos

According to research, 60% of traffic to a website comes from videos. People who travel, they love to document them in the form of videos or photos. You can ask your customers to share those with you or on your social pages. You can also showcase them in your website and video sharing platforms like youtube, etc.,

5. Reviews

People like to check reviews online before making a booking. Ask your customers to leave positive feedbacks in your social pages, and they will help your new customer to take a decision fastly.

6. Referrals

Customer referrals are the natural and best way to boost your revenue if implemented correctly. Most of the small business does not feel comfortable to ask for customer referrals. They feel that if the customer is satisfied, they will refer, but it does not work in that way. Until unless you ask your customers, it will not come to their mind.

7. Blog

If a person is planning for a trip, they love to read more about the place and experiences of other travelers. If you can maintain a blog and load all the content to that, it would help you to attract more customers. If you cannot write, you can also make your customers write guest posts.


Along with all this, develop a trusted reputation with your customers. However, it is not an easy task. You need to do much hard work and stand out to be the best from your competitors. Customer support plays a vital role in building a reputation. At the time of issues, complaints or cancellations it is crucial how you act.
Hopefully, these tips can help you take a step ahead in growing your business.

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