Before I start writing this, let me tell you I AM A FOODIE. Chinese food is considered to be involved and diverse cuisine in the world. China consists of over 1.3 billion people, 23 provinces, 56 ethnic groups, and at least as many different cuisines. Each cuisine has various flavour profiles, hallmark ingredients, and cooking techniques.

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Around the world, many questions are surrounding, how good food in China? What do they eat? There are many opinions over that. Chinese people eat various type of fish, seafood, duck, chicken, pig, goose, snake etc., Chinese people believe in balanced food. While preparing they may strive to balance the colour, texture, or types of food they choose to eat.

Whether it be a friendly dinner or formal business meeting, dinner etiquette have built on strong traditions, and all you need is to master the use of your chopsticks, it’s important to remember those table manners are more ritualised in the Eastern world with traditions.

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Here are some tips to help you survive an authentic Chinese dinner.

1. Dress well and always arrive on time.

2. On the dining table, there will be a cup, bowl and small saucer, together with chopsticks and a soup spoon. It is common to wash all of your plates, bowls and utensils with hot water or tea before eating. Pour a little tea or hot water in your cup and pour this over your chopsticks, into the bowl. Roll it around and rinse all your dishes before emptying it out into the larger waste dish which placed at the centre of the table.

3. The guest of honour has to eat first. It’s rude if the guest of honour hasn’t eaten first.

4. Food served in big dishes, which placed in the centre of a rotating table. Help yourself with the food in front of you and never cut someone eating from the other side.

5. You must try all the dishes offered to you.

6. The faster you eat, the faster your bowl will be filled. So, please eat slowly or leave some food in the bowl when you are done.

7. Most of the Chinese people don’t accept tips. It’s an insult if we tip them.

8. Never use hands to pick food from the serving bowl. You must use chopsticks to pick food and eat.

9. Chinese people love tea.


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