We always hear saying that understanding the psychology of a woman is not easy, but it is not that hard to understand. Most of the boys fear to share their feelings and chances of rejection.

1. Chameleon Effect

Chameleon effect is aiming women to believe that you both are synced with each other. This is the most well known and common trick which men can use to make a girl fall.

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2. Triadic Closure

In Psychology, triadic closure is nothing but a theory of social network. According to this theory, two people like each other more when they have a common friend.

3. Self-verification theory

According to this theory, women want a man to understand her according to her feelings and beliefs about herself.

4. Similarities

We always hear that the opposite kind of persons attracts more but when researches were performed it was revealed that people are more attracted when they have more similarities.

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5. Casanova

Casanova means a man knows how to compliment a woman. You have to compliment her in the best way possible to make the girl attracted to you. Researches revealed when we say positive to someone, they automatically fall for you.

6. Positivity

Being friendly, happy and upbeat will always have a positive impact on another person mind. In psychology, it is called as emotional contagion.

7. Look into her eyes

It is very necessary to make an eye contact with her. or else you cannot impress her as it shows a lack of interest.

8. Share secrets

When you disclose yourself in front of a woman, you will definitely get her attention. Talking about your personal things with her will add a lot of positive impacts.

9. Touch gently

This is for the time you both meet together. your gentle touch can create feelings but you must keep in mind that there’s always a line which you should not cross.

I think these tricks will surely help you to attract the woman you love.

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