Entrepreneur | Financial Advisor | Motivational Speaker | Traveller | Social Activist

Ajith Chand Kanagala born on 1995 November 03 in Tenali. Graduated BBA & MBA from K L University and pursuing M.Sc Psychology.

Since childhood, his inclinations towards business boost him to start his own at the age of 17. With the initial idea of selling books, he started his first online business in the name AJ Books which was eventually renamed as NovelAdda.com. Unfortunately, his ideas couldn’t have a way to success and his business soon got shut due to investment problem and logistics. But soon he started another business of Kanagala Technologies with a lot of hope but with zero investment. The formidable challenges faced by Ajith at the initial stage made him adhere to new business strategies and alternative source of revenue which yielded an anticipated outcome. Without any prior experience in business or job, Ajith is one of the few inspirational personalities who continued to learn and rise from small failures. Failure has been fundamental to his victory. The term “self-made” thus, is perfectly suitable for this man.

He elucidates,

I always accepted failure with a smile as it is a common phenomenon in life. I accepted each and every challenge that acted as a stumbling block in my ambition and tried overcoming the challenges by fine-tuning the existing business strategies. Business, for me, is life. I cannot think of my very existence without its survival. Therefore, I always have had the thought of alternative business strategies even alternative business in the presence of the existing one.”

He today owns Kanagala Technologies, Kanagala Consultancy Services,  Kanagala Investment Services, RNex Technologies, and Ashesha Technologies.



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