Nowadays more and more people love to go on road trips on motorcycles. It would be fun either to go alone or with buddies. Mostly when people start riding for the first time, they may know very little about riding comfortably. When they make more rides and meet like-minded people, then they will learn a lot. Here I tried to help the one who is just starting, with my personal experiences.

1. Whatever the bike it could be, it has to make you feel comfortable. As per your comfort, you can change the handlebar, seats, headlights, etc.,

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2. Always wear riding pants, ankle shoes, riding jacket and full face helmet. You can check out the some best products below.

3. Keep your luggage light. Do not over pack. You can also equip saddlebags, tank bags, and tail bags.

4. Always plan your trip before you start. Plan your day route, and that helps you in calculating time and fuel.

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5. Make sure you will never dry off with fuel. Every morning check the fuel and fill up your tank in the morning itself.

6. Always keep yourself hydrated. If you do not drink less water, dehydration kills many bikers which leads to a loss in concentration.

7. The bike has to be serviced before the trip.

8. Check your bike tires before heading out and change if necessary.

9. Don’t drive for too much time. Take frequent brakes and rest for a while. Avoid riding in the nights.

10. Keep your stomach very light. Do not overeat food. Eating heavy will make you feel drowsy. Instead, you can eat light food whenever you take a break.

11. Be prepared for all kind of weathers.

12. Make sure; your bike had the mirrors.

13. Check and ensure all the lights were working.

14. Carry essential tools and spares.

15. Carry Chain cleaning oil and chain lubricant.

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16. Carry first-ad kit.

17. Follow traffic rules.

If I missed anything, let me know in the comments.

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