From thousands of years, Yoga is in practice in India. Yoga gives not only physical fitness but also mental fitness. The word Yoga means ‘Union with the Divine.’ Nowadays, people put the spirituality in Yoga aside and Yoga been everyone’s fruit in the basket for their fitness or mental relief. Yoga helps in strengthening our body and mind. People of all sizes, ages, and abilities can do Yoga and adapt it to their individual needs.
June 21, been declared as International Day of Yoga from 2015. This post is my contribution to this 5th International Yoga Day.

Let’s know nine surprising benefits of Yoga.

* Several types of research revealed, practicing Yoga would reduce stress and severe mental disorders like anxiety.

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* One can adapt Yoga as per your comfort. There is no specific time and place for doing Yoga. You can do Yoga as per your speed and level of comfort.

* Yoga helps to reduce more calories in less time. Forty-five minutes of Yoga is equivalent to two hours of Gym.

* Practicing Yoga is easy and effortless. There is no need to buy any expensive pieces of equipment. All you need is a mat and a place to roll it.

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* All the asanas of Yoga, can practice on your own after you learn the proper ways to do them.

* Not just your body, but your brain too needs exercises. Doing Yoga helps in flowing extra blood to the neurons and helps your mind to function better, which could help in remembering better, focus on the tasks, and also feels you energetic.

* Yoga asanas involve in increasing your core strengths like holding the breath for more time and also increases your flexibility.

* According to Harvard Medical School, Yoga acts as an antidote to all type of ailment pains like neck pain, knee pain, back pain, etc.,

* Regular practice of Yoga would lower risks of Heart diseases and also strengthens bones.

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