Palnadu is a region located in Southwest of Guntur District in Andhra Pradesh. Palnadu war was fought somewhere near 1182.

Brahma Naidu was a vaishnavite and a very respectable warrior, scholar and reformer. He founded Veera Vaishnava in counter to Veera Saivism which allows all sudra castes to be treated equally and entry to temples. To eradicate the caste system in Vaishnavam, Brahma Naidu started a reform called “Chapakudu” where people of all communities will sit together and eat a single heap of rice poured on a mat. Brahmanaidu has a personal army of 64 great warriors and the Supreme Commander of his army was untouchable. He even adopted children from lower castes and raised them along with his own son. Brahma Naidu was hailed as “Vishnu of Palnadu”.

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Nagamma, a farmer in a village came across “Nalagama” and hosted the tastiest lunch when he visited the forest. King Nalagama was impressed with her acts and invited her to the kingdom. She regularly started visiting the court of Gurazala. She is very intelligent and cunning. After gaining the confidence of Nalagama and been the main cause for diving Palnadu kingdom. Along with the followers of Mallideva, relatives new capital “Macherla” (then Mahavedicherla) was built on the banks of Chandra Vanka. Mallideva was crowned as King and Nagamma are the Minister.

Two kings named “Nalagama Vira Raju” and his stepbrother “Malideva Raju” both ruled two different parts of Palnadu. Brahmanaidu tried his best to hand over the kingdom of Nalagama to Malideva. Ala Raju, the follower of Malideva and son in law of Nalagama was sent to Gurajala to persuade King Nalagama to return the kingdom. Narsinga Raju, brother of King Nalagama has poisoned Ala Raju and his dead body was sent to Bramanaidu’s camp. By the death of Ala Raju, his wife killed herself in the funeral fire. Nagamma was one of the main head in planning and executing the death of Ala Raju. This gave birth to the war of Palnadu in 1180 AD.

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All the kings of south India were divided based on shivites and vaishnavities and sent their army to Karempudi. Battle was fought beside the banks of river Naguleru. There was a heavy loss of lives both the sides. Brahmanaidu army won the war but however, he forgave them and hand over the kingdom to Nalagamaraju. He along with his army went into Guttikonda Cave. A temple was built at the battleground called “Palnati Veerula Gudi” and weapons were installed in the temple. According to the history, Soldiers Jaffar and Fareed built this temple and later they were buried and graves were built there. We can still see the graves in the temple.


Palnati Yudam was coined as Greatest war in the history of Andhra Pradesh and “Kurukhestra of Andhra Pradesh”

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