Kondaveedu Fort, this rich historic fort which is located 30 km away from Guntur is an upcoming best tourist attraction in the state. Kondaveedu Fort is the only ancient fort that is still existing in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. However, the fort was in fully ruined status.

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In the year 1325, Playa Vemana Reddy the 1st King to rule from Kondaveedu Fort shifted his capital from Aadanki to Kondaveedu. His son, Anapota Reddy constructed this fort. This fort is also known as “Kiudina Nagar, Kopinatha Puram and Moroja Nagar”. The fort contains 21 structures and spread across 30 hillocks. This fort was ruled by Reddy Dynasty, Gajapathis, Vijayanagara Kings, Bahamani Sultans, French and British colonists.

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There are two entry gates into this fort, “Kolepalli Darwaza” and “Nadella Darwaza”. These entrances were massive three-storied Granite stone blocks. Earlier, there used to be a huge water scarcity in this area but the three ponds namely Mutyalamma Cheruvu, Puttalamma Cheruvu and Vedulla Cheruvu have good water resources all through the year. In the past, these forests areas are home to the huge number of custard apple trees.

Development Works:

The Government of Andhra Pradesh (Department of Archeology and Museums) started major development and restoration works to bring the past glory to the forts. a 3.5 Kilometres of Ghat road has been constructed recently which allows easy access for tourists to reach the fort. 500 years ago, the greatest emporer of South India Krishna Devaraya constructed a temple for Venna Gopal and now Government of Andhra Pradesh has allocated 65-acre land at foot of the hill to ISKCON to construct the temple of this diety. Government is in plans of making this fort as an international level tourism centre and planning to construct cottages, a five-star hotel, zoo, fitness clubs, auditorium, children’s park, sports arena and also amusement centres. Govenermnets efforts are in progress to classify this as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How to reach:

Kondaveedu Fort is situated in between Kondaveedu and Chilakaluripet. It is 30 Kilometres (19 miles) from Guntur City and 34 Kilometers (21 Miles) from Chilakaluripet. The best way to visit this fort is with your own vehicle. The nearest town is Pirangipuram and there is a good access to state transportation.


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