Can you create handmade gifts? The Internet creates the best opportunity to brand and sell your products. He is an article to guide you for the same:

1. Create what people buy.

Fact is that we only create items which are simple, joy and satisfaction for us. So, Before you create a product, Analyze the market and create products which customers are willing to buy at a certain price level.

2. Customizations:

People love customizations. Creating a product and trying to sell it in multiple quantities will never add value or build a brand. We need to create products for everyone’s interests. So, offer the maximum customizations for every product you develop.

3. Online store:

we must need an online store to sell our products. For less than 20k you can get a professionally developed eStore from Kanagala Technologies. All you need to do is add products and wait for the orders.

4. Marketing:

For any business, marketing is a big challenge. we can promote our products both online or offline. Create a Facebook and Instagram page and start posting creatively. Kanagala Technologies can also help you in maintaining your social pages at reasonable prices.

5. Quality and support:

Quality and support are always the best practices for any business. This helps us to get organic sales and sustain for a longer period of time.

6. Be friendly but professionally

We need to be very transparent and need to assist our customer while buying and product and after the sale. Be lighthearted with and also don’t forget to treat them with professionalism.

7. Mailing Lists

Always maintain a database of your customers and leads and send some promotional content once in a while or freebies.

8. Learn!

When we are in business, we need to learn constantly. Our learnings and experiments will only create value.

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