Once every second, someone needs blood in this world. Since blood cant be manufactured, patients depend only on the blood donors. Blood is required for almost everyone at any point of their lifetime. There are many organizations and people who promote blood donation, and June 14 declared as world blood donor day since 2004.

So, here you need to know some surprising benefits if you donate the blood.

Ajio [CPS] IN

* Researchers at California University found out that for every pint of blood donated; you will lose approximately 650 calories. So, you can lose some calories by saving a life.

* Most of the people will effect with hemochromatosis (A disorder with too much Iron in the body), and surprisingly no one knows it. By donating the blood, one can lose those extra iron stores from the body.

* Reduce of Iron stores from the body would also reduce the risk of cancers.

Treebo [CPS] IN

* You will lose around 225 to 250 mg of Iron from the body.

* You will get a free mini-medical checkup like a blood test, Blood pressure, etc.,

* Frequent donation of blood can help the controlled blood flow and results in fewer risks of arterial blockages.

* By research, it was found that by donating blood at least once in a year, would reduce the risk of heart diseases by 88%.

The main theme of donating blood is helping to save someone’s life. It will be a win-win situation if you donate blood. If you have not donated blood yet, do it now.

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