Everyone wants to start a successful business. We all are so much passionate about our goals. To start any business first we need to have an idea. what actually we need to start. Our brain will suggest us some hundreds of ideas but are they all feasible in this business world?

First, Think does it can solve any problem in the society. Observe some problems in the society, friends, family etc., and your idea needs to solve that problem.

People don’t spend money on everything we sell or serve. we need to understand what do people will pay for our product or service. If people start paying for our product/service then we can create a value and this would be the first milestone in your business.

Never go with high pricing. Your price may attract any particular income class but no one should feel you are charging very high. We need to provide the equal amount of service or quality for every rupee they pay us.

Analyze who are your potential customers for that product at the price you offer. Do a market survey and understand your customers.

People who are not much passionate about their goals will never succeed in life or business. You must be very passionate about achieving your goals.

Select some random strangers and experiment with your idea. You can sell some products in a sample or provide the service. Get feedback from them.

Always accept your customers’ feedback. We may be with a mindset “We completely know everything”. This was very bad for our business growth. Always accept each and every feedback and try to implement the best practices from them.

Create a marketing plan. Never be hurry but never be too late. Create a realistic viable marketing plan and manage your financials.

If your business idea is accepted by the customers, don’t relax. Make plans for the future.

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